Smart Board

Smart Classroom

We can have smart phones, then why not SMART CLASSROOMS

Smart Classroom is one equipped with multimedia components designed to enhance instruction & learning.

A Smart Classroom is a traditional lecture style teaching space that has available technological equipment that can be used to aid and enhance instruction of a course.

Smart classroom sessions has a mix of audio and visual media to create a sublime environment and display syllabus content to help student understand and remember better. These technology enriched lessons mapped to their School syllabus greatly impact learning and helps students understand the topics much better than what chalk and blackboard can provide.

Smart class is a convenient entry point to many exciting ways of learning including interactive lessons, activities and quizzes. It also provides a wholesome teaching and learning experience for the students and teachers respectively to implement innovative, create and deliver content.

You can't teach the same way using new technology, you've got to use that new technology and you've got to teach differently.

Smart Boards have been making their way into classrooms since 1991, and have proven themselves as effective teaching tools.

Here are few points that you will fall in love with these smart classrooms

  • Engaged Learning

    Smart Boards are a wonderful way to focus students’ attention in the classroom, especially in elementary school. Teachers report great success with having students come up and work out problems on the Smart Board in front of the classroom. Because the technology is interesting, children are eager to work with it, and teachers should take advantage of this by having every student come up and work on the board.

  • Difficult concepts made easy

    There are vast educational resources available online, from video to text to interactive applications. Whenever a teacher needs to flesh out a lesson, it cannot hurt to do a relevant search to find interesting resources. Enthusiasm is infectious, and a teacher who is excited to demonstrate a new find will transfer that energy to students.

  • Reinforce knowledge retention

    Because the Smart Board is connected to a computer, teachers can save the work a student does for later review. When applicable, teachers should take advantage of this feature to assist students after the lesson is over, while the student is working on other problems.